How to Localize E-Learning Actions in SharePoint Learning Kit 1.5

In previous versions of SLK, pretty much the only text you couldn’t localise was the phrase ‘E-Learning Actions’. This is how teachers/instructors start the assignment process and is added to document library edit menus when you active the SharePoint Learning Kit feature. In addition to not being localisable, it’s always seemed a poor turn of phrase, especially in schools, as it’s not immediately obvious what it does.

For version 1.5 I’ve moved the text, in addition to all strings associated with features into it’s own resource file which gets deployed when you install 1.5. This now allows localised versions to be added for other language support, but also you can change it on a farm by farm basis if you don’t like the out of the box phrase.

How to change the text

Once you have installed version 1.5, you will need to navigate to the Resources folder where the SLK resource file is located. On a default install of SharePoint 2010 this is

C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\14\Resources

For SharePoint 2007, just replace the 14 with 12 (it’s the product number). For non-English OS installations the path will vary as some of it is localised, but it’s the standard SharePoint location for files.

Within that folder, in addition to a large number of standard SharePoint resource files, you will find SLK.resx.


While you are in the Resources folder do not modify any of the other resource files. If you change any of the strings in there you’ll only confuse your users, and they may get overwritten on the next SharePoint upgrade.

Once you have found SLK.resx, open it in your favourite text editor, find the E-Learning Actions resource and change the value to whatever you want it to be.


Make sure that you only change the value element’s text. The name of the data item is how it’s referenced, so if you change that SharePoint won’t be able to find the value, and the menu item will be blank.

Here I’ve changed the test to Assign Work.


Once you have made your changes you will need to recycle the SharePoint application pool or restart IIS. Once that’s completed you can navigate back to your document library to verify that the text has changed


SLK.resx also contains the strings for all the features i.e. the text displayed when activating or deactivating features.

One thing to note is that any changes you make could get overwritten in any upgrade of SLK, so please keep a copy of your changes.


To localise the text for another language, you make a copy of the resource file and save it in the same folder, but include the language code in the file name. You can see this from the standard files in the folder of which the following screenshot is a small selection.


Eventually I hope to included localised versions of this in the language packs.

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SharePoint Learning Kit 1.5 Features You Can Activate

SLK 1.5 has the following SharePoint features you can activate.

Site Collection Level



SharePoint Learning Kit Web Parts

When activated this feature automatically adds the Assignment List Web Part to the web part gallery for a site collection.

Site Level



SharePoint Learning Kit

This is the same feature as present in previous versions of SLK. When this is activated in a site the "E-Learning Actions" menu item is added to document libraries.

SharePoint Learning Kit – Assign Self

This feature add the "Assign To Self" menu item to document libraries. This allows the user to immediately assign an item to themselves and run it.

SharePoint Learning Kit – Assign Site

This feature add the "Assign To Site" menu item to document libraries. This allows the user to start assigning an item to the current site without having to choose the site to assign to. In effect it jumps straight to the Assignment Properties page for the current site.

Web Application Level

SharePoint Learning Kit Admin

This feature adds the Configure SharePoint Learning Kit functionality to Central Administration. This is just here for completeness as it’s actually a hidden feature which is activated automatically so you should never see it or need to activate it.


As you can see I still need a image for it.

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What’s new in SharePoint Learning Kit 1.5?

With the imminent release of SLK 1.5 I thought that I would run through its new features

Support for SharePoint 2010


This has to be the highlight of the release. SLK now natively supports SharePoint 2007 and SharePoint 2010. The functionality is exactly the same, but there are separate installers for the two versions. I’ve updated it so that the core components are the same, it’s only the installation scripts and a few references in aspx pages are different.

E-Learning Actions can be localised


Since the beginning of the project the phrase "E-Learning Actions", which appears in the document library drop down menu, has not been able to be changed or localisable. I have now moved this out to a resource file and this can now be localised for other languages, or even just changed on a farm by farm basis. So if you wanted your instance to say "Assign Work", you can just edit the text based resource file to change it.

Two New Document Library Edit Options

Custom Actions There’s 2 new options for document library edit menu. These are shortcuts for assigning work to yourself or to the site the resource is stored in. They are called "Assign to Self" and "Assign to Site". Just like "E-Learning Actions" these can also be localized. It is completely up to you which of these 3 actions you have in any site.

Automatically add the Assignment List Web Part to the Web Part Gallery


SLK now includes a feature to automatically add the ALWP to the web part gallery. This has been a big miss in my opinion in the releases so far and just made it annoying to install.

Various Bug Fixes for the Drop Box

This release rolls up all the fixes for all the bugs I’m aware of in the Drop Box.

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