Salamander Integration Suite – Status Viewer

Status Viewer is a new interface which is being added to Salamander Integration Suite. Available from 1st February, this utility will help customers view the status of their installation and aid in troubleshooting.


The initial release supports the following features:

Read configuration information

The utility will display some basic information regarding the installation of Salamander. These options cannot be updated but can exported to be sent to support for troubleshooting purposed.

Display license information

On loading the tool will check for licenses, looking for the valid licenses for Salamander and where applicable Sims Writeback.

If it finds a valid license it will display it and change the colour based on the following

Expires in 60 days or more = green
Expire in less than 60 days = orange
Expire in less than 30 days = red

If no valid licenses are found a message is displayed.

Update Salamander Integration Suite

On occasion an update to Salamander might be required to support changes to External services or to add new features. The utility will allow you to check for new versions and easily update Salamander if it is needed.

View Created user information

Information around the accounts created within Active Directory is stored in CSV files inside the installation folder. The utility will allow you users to quickly access and search this information. It is also possible to export this information for use elsewhere.

Display Logging Data

The utility allows users to view the logs output by the installation of Salamander that it is running with. This feature will read up to 3 months of logs and allow filtering, sorting and searching of that information.

Given the size and quantity of the log files it can take a few moments for this information to load.

Display Logging Status

When the application is loaded it will count the number of Errors and Fatal messages in the past 3 days’ worth of log files to help the user identify any issues.

It will also identify if no logs have been found for the past 3 days to identify those sites where the application may have failed to run.

View the status of configured Scheduled Tasks

The utility will allow you quickly view and run the scheduled tasks configured for Salamander on this machine.

Update encrypted properties

The utility allows users to update the encrypted passwords stored in the application, which will allow you to update the passwords for systems like your MIS and Exchange and update Salamander without needing to give us access to the password.

How do I get it?

The new viewer is available to all new and existing Salamander customers working with Active Directory, Office 365 or GSuite.

Customers can get this added to their installation by emailing our  support team ( on or after 1st February 2019.

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Salamander for Apple School Manager Utility released

appleSchoolSalamander for Apple School Manager is a free utility designed to mirror data from a school’s MIS/SIS system into Apple School Manager. It allows the provisioning of teacher & student accounts as well as classes by transferring relevant data from your MIS/SIS, into Apple’s systems. Save time for your administrators and teachers by automating the creation of your users and classes so that they are ready for your teachers and learners.

Salamander for Apple School Manager supports a number of MIS vendors and allows you to easily configure the data the way you want it. Once the data is uploaded, then Managed Apple IDs are created automatically for you by Apply School Manager enabling the use of iCloud, iTunes U and iPads.

For more details on the utility please visit or email

Apple, Apple School Manager, iCloud, iTunes U, iPad, Apple ID are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.

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