New version of the FREE Salamander Salamander School Data Sync utility released

Since the initial release of Salamander School Data Sync (SDS) in May 2017 there have been a few requests from customers for new features. This new version adds two of those features along with some minor bug fixes:

Support for non UK CSV Headings
The utility can now output the CSV files using either the US or UK Schema headings. This allows the utility to be used with O365 Tenants outside of the UK without adjusting the outputted files.

SIMS.Net support for reading connect.ini
SIMS.Net users can now load a Connect.ini to gather the Database and Server details allowing users to get the utility up and running quicker.


For more details on the utility please visit

Jon Atkinson

I am Head of Operations for SalamanderSoft Limited a company devoted to improving IT in education.

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