Salamander Active Directory now supports sharing printers in Google Cloud Print

cloudprintGoogle Cloud Print is a Google service which allows you to add printers to your Google services and print from any internet connected device.

You can share printers with users and groups, so when you first add a printer to Cloud Print and your users are in a group, then you can easily share the printer with all your users. However, new users joining the group don’t automatically get the printer shared with them.

So we’ve added support to Salamander Active Directory to share and un-share printers in Google Cloud Print with your Google users. This will allow you to automate setting up printers as users join and leave your institution, whether you use SIMs, Progresso, iSAMs or any other MIS.

If you are using Google Apps for Education and would like to take advantage of this, then just drop an email to support and we’ll get it set up for you.

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