OneNote Class Notebook Creation With Salamander Active Directory and SharePoint

onenoteIconOneNote Class Notebooks have been a hit in Office 365 for Education and are being heavily promoted by Microsoft. They have a personal workspace for every student, a content library for hand-outs, and a collaboration space for lessons and creative activities.

Microsoft have just announced the launch of the new OneNote Class Notebook API for Office 365. I’m pleased to announce that we have also added support for creating and maintaining Class Notebooks to Salamander Active Directory and Salamander SharePoint.

This means that we can automate the creation of Class Notebooks directory from your MIS, whether it’s SIMs, Facility, iSAMS, Pass or any other MIS. It will also add and remove students and teachers as the membership changes in the MIS.

This allows central provisioning and rollout of Class Notebooks with no manual intervention required by teachers – they can just get on with teaching.

We can create the Notebooks in several different locations:

  1. In the Teachers’ OneDrives.
  2. In SharePoint sites. Ideal if using class sites.
  3. Within the new Office 365 Groups.
  4. In a shared OneDrive.

This is all completely configurable, as are all our products, so we can configure it to whatever works best for your school. We can even automatically archive the Notebooks at the end of the year, before building a new set for the new academic year.

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4 thoughts on “OneNote Class Notebook Creation With Salamander Active Directory and SharePoint

  1. Major thumbs up on this!

    Only just announced the new API this week and was looking at it myself but to find out your including it in the Salamander AD package means a whole project wiped off my radar.

    Will be in touch shortly for this

  2. If a notebook is created by Salamander, how do I share it with say the Head of Department, if they are not a registered teacher for that class?

    I want to add them as a teacher, so they can add content for cover etc

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