Salamander Active Directory can write back to Sims: Emails, UDFs etc

Accredited_logo_writeThis is something we’ve had for several years, but I don’t think that it’s very widely known. Salamander Active Directory can write back to Typically this is used for email addresses, user defined fields, telephones and parental consent. For emails and telephones we can set specific types, e.g. work email, as well as bulk operations on all of a person’s emails/telephones such as removing main or primary, or even deleting them all if you want to start afresh.

We can do this for pupils, staff, contacts and applicants.

As Capita charge us a per school fee for write back, then there is an additional charge for writing back to Sims. If you use a different MIS then please speak to us as there are some write back operations we can do with other systems.

For more information, or if you want us to set this up, then please contact support.

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