SharePoint Learning Kit 1.8 Released

SLK 1.8 is now officially released We’ve got customers who have been running on it for over a year so the earlier functionality is pretty stable. The beta was released in April, and I’ve fixed a couple of bugs since then, and one new piece of functionality – markdown syntax for urls.

Download from CodePlex.

SLK 1.8 is supported on SharePoint 2010 and 2013, both Foundation and Server. There’s install documentation in the release zip file, but other than that all documentation is on this blog:

In addition to a load of bug fixes, the main changes are:

14 thoughts on “SharePoint Learning Kit 1.8 Released

  1. Is it possible to see who has completed self-assigned tests instead of assigning them to everyone in our AD?

  2. Unfortunately, not really. The closest thing is the original Getting Started pdf file, but that’s well out of date now.

  3. Hello Richard, SLK 1.8 has in our company the same problem as 1.7, it cannot handle css for SCORM packages in SharePoint 2013. Is it possible to fix it?

  4. Hi Richard,

    I’m having the same problem as Milos mentioned. It seems that CSS are not loaded correctly. Same packages are working in 1.7.1. Also there seems to be a “error” message at the bottom saying that Using course in portrait mode is not supported. Could that be related to the problem?

  5. Hi Richard,
    Can you please advise if SLK will work on SharePoint 2016, and if not, are you planning on releasing a version that does?

  6. I’ve not tried it. Eventually I’ll get round to it, but I’ve not got much time to work on SLK currently. Most of my current work is all cloud based rather than on-premise.

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