SharePoint Learning Kit 1.8 supports Office Mix and Sway

SLK 1.8 now supports Office Mix and Sway. In addition to enabling the links in the description field, if it detects that there is a link to an Office Mix or a Sway then it will embed them in the lobby page. This enables the learners to view them directly without having to follow the link.

So for this assignment linking to a Mix:


then this is what the learner will see on the lobby page:


Similarly when creating an assignment linking to a Sway


the learner sees


It will even support multiple Mixs and Sways in the description, embedding them all in the page, one above the other.

So, this is a great reason to start using Office Mix and Sway in your assignments, you get the rich functionality of these new Office components with the ability to assign them easily to your learners.

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