SLK 1.7.1 Released

A bug fix release for SLK 1.7. The zip file contains versions for SharePoint 2007, 2010 and 2013.

Changes include:

  • Handle @ in a user name for drop boxes
  • Handle css for SCORM packages in SharePoint 2013
  • Fix for SharePoint 2007 solution package containing incorrect element files
  • Added and fixed some mime-types in slksettings.xml
  • Allow frameset to run in non-compatibility view in Internet Explorer
  • Prevent script injection in ALWP frameset

This is a recommended upgrade, especially if using SCORM packages in SharePoint 2013.

You can download from

This is intended to be the last release for 1.7. All future functionality will go into SLK 1.8. I already have customers running on that, so it’s just a case of deciding when to call it a day adding features to it.

2 thoughts on “SLK 1.7.1 Released

  1. we are facing an issue in SLK 1.7. After attempting the session, its able to set the Scores but its not setting the SuccessStatus in AttemptItem table. instead its updating the value as 0. can you please me in this?

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