SharePoint Learning Kit 1.5 Features You Can Activate

SLK 1.5 has the following SharePoint features you can activate.

Site Collection Level



SharePoint Learning Kit Web Parts

When activated this feature automatically adds the Assignment List Web Part to the web part gallery for a site collection.

Site Level



SharePoint Learning Kit

This is the same feature as present in previous versions of SLK. When this is activated in a site the "E-Learning Actions" menu item is added to document libraries.

SharePoint Learning Kit – Assign Self

This feature add the "Assign To Self" menu item to document libraries. This allows the user to immediately assign an item to themselves and run it.

SharePoint Learning Kit – Assign Site

This feature add the "Assign To Site" menu item to document libraries. This allows the user to start assigning an item to the current site without having to choose the site to assign to. In effect it jumps straight to the Assignment Properties page for the current site.

Web Application Level

SharePoint Learning Kit Admin

This feature adds the Configure SharePoint Learning Kit functionality to Central Administration. This is just here for completeness as it’s actually a hidden feature which is activated automatically so you should never see it or need to activate it.


As you can see I still need a image for it.

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