BETT 2010


It’s that time of year again when Olympia opens its doors to the world of IT in Education and BETT begins. I’ll be there on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and would love to meet as many of your as possible, whether you are customers, SLK users or just vaguely interested in what we do. Again I’ll be spending most of my time looking at the stands, so if you want to meet we can either arrange a date and time or you can just give me a call when you are free – although judging from past years it’s not always possible to hear my phone at BETT. Failing that, I’ll probably spend some time at the LP+ stand (E46 in the Main Hall), currently I’m planning to be there 1400-1445 every day. I also expect I’ll be hanging around the Microsoft stand as well as I know quite a few of the guys on there.

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  1. We have SIMS here and are new to their SLG.
    I am trying to decide which system we should adopt as our VLE, SLK or Moodle. I have experience administering Moodle for my own classes, but my school may prefer to stick with a standard Microsoft software. Do you have any comments please?

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