Support for updated OneNote Class Notebook API by Salamander Active Directory

ClassNotebookRecently Microsoft updated their API for OneNote Class Notebooks to add more functionality. Read more at the Office blog:

Teacher Only spaces, Collaboration Space lockdown, subgroup creation and more with the new Class Notebook API updates

I am pleased to announce that we have now added support for this new functionality to Salamander Active Directory and Salamander SharePoint. This includes:

  • Teacher only content spaces. These can be added to existing as well as to new class Notebooks.
  • Deletion of notebooks, sections and pages.
  • Adding section groups, sections and pages.
  • Copying sections and pages from other notebooks.
  • Permissions. The ability to set permissions on notebooks, sections and section groups. These can range from allowing anyone to edit, through read only, to not even being able to see it is there.
  • Option to send or not send the Welcome Email message when creating class notebooks.
  • Create class notebooks in languages other then English.
    If you want any of this functionality adding to your current set up please email If you are interested in creating Class Notebooks directly from your MIS, whether it is Capita SIMs, Progresso, iSAMs, RM Integris or any other MIS/SIS please contact us at

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Salamander Active Directory now has support for Microsoft Classroom and School Data Sync

edu_112X112_classdash_icon_color_en-USAs Microsoft Partners we have been working with Microsoft Classroom and School Data Sync (SDS) for a while and are working with a couple of pilot schools in preparation for the release of the preview.

Now the preview is available we can now announce our technical support for them.

This includes the management of the SDS specific attributes for users, Office 365 groups and the creation and updating of Classrooms from your MIS data and Local Active Directory. This can be done without any of the data going via the US data centres. This is from any of the MIS/SIS systems we support such as Capita SIMs, Facility, Progresso, iSAMs, RM Integris etc.

There are however, caveats about the fact that some of the data used by Classroom and SDS is stored within the US, notably any manual CSV uploads for SDS and the assignment data for Classroom. As such we would not recommend that you use these for live data until they are generally available for the UK market. If you want to use this functionality then as Data Controllers, you will need to ensure that you are happy that some of the data goes overseas into US data centres.

If you do want to go ahead, then we have developed our SDS import so that it avoids the data going via US data centres and so can safely create the SDS groups, Once the SDS groups have been created then you can use Classroom, however as the data for the assignments is still stored in US data centres, we cannot recommend using that except for a pilot with test data.

If you have the preview and would like more information about getting it configured to synchronize with your local Active Directory and MIS just drop an email to if you are an existing customer, or for new customers and we’ll be in touch.

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Salamander Active Directory now supports creating and maintaining Office 365 Unified Groups

Unified Groups are a fairly new cross-suite feature in Office 365. They are designed for quick and easy collaboration and each member of a group can participate in conversations, schedule meetings, share files and notes and even initiate a Skype for Business voice and video call for urgent real-time decisions. It’s a bit like a light version of a SharePoint team site, but with more Exchange capabilities. Microsoft is really pushing their use with tooling for them in Office 2016 and a cross-platform mobile app. Moving forward I think that Microsoft will be tying the group functionality into more of their current and new products.


Group conversations in Outlook 2016 and in the Outlook Groups mobile app.

I’m pleased to say that Salamander Active Directory now supports creating and maintaining Unified Groups. This means that we can create groups based on your data in your MIS, whether it is Sims, Progresso, Integris, iSAMS or any other. You could for example have all your classes created as groups for class level collaboration areas, either on a global basis or limiting to years or subjects. Or maybe you want staff based groups for departments or subjects. As with all our functionality it’s completely configurable and we can set it up exactly how you want it. Just email support if you want to look into getting it enabled on your installation.

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Salamander Active Directory can create Sims System Users

Accredited_logo_writeAnother write back feature we have for is the ability to create Sims System Users from your staff data. It’s not commonly used, but if you want your staff members to automatically have access to Sims, then Salamander Active Directory can create the users in Sims. This includes assigning group membership and capturing the generated password. It can also set the user to be inactive once they leave.

As Capita charge us a per school fee for write back, then there is an additional charge for writing back to Sims. This is the same charge as for writing back emails etc, so there’s no extra cost if you are already using that.

For more information, or if you want us to set this up, then please contact support.

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Salamander Active Directory can write back to Sims: Emails, UDFs etc

Accredited_logo_writeThis is something we’ve had for several years, but I don’t think that it’s very widely known. Salamander Active Directory can write back to Typically this is used for email addresses, user defined fields, telephones and parental consent. For emails and telephones we can set specific types, e.g. work email, as well as bulk operations on all of a person’s emails/telephones such as removing main or primary, or even deleting them all if you want to start afresh.

We can do this for pupils, staff, contacts and applicants.

As Capita charge us a per school fee for write back, then there is an additional charge for writing back to Sims. If you use a different MIS then please speak to us as there are some write back operations we can do with other systems.

For more information, or if you want us to set this up, then please contact support.

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Salamander Active Directory can now update Photos in Google Apps

googlePhotoSalamander Active Directory can now upload and update photos in Google Apps for Education and Google Apps for Work.

It can pull the photos directly from your MIS/SIS, whether Sims, Facility, Progresso, iSAMS or any of the other systems we support, and then push them into Google Apps.

It can do this as a one-off process, or on a continuous basis, checking to see if they have changed if your process is that users are not allowed to update their own photos.

This is a nice addition to our Google Apps for Education integration joining the ability to update users, synchronize timetables to Google Calendar, create & update groups and manage Google Classroom. All linking from Sims and any other MIS.

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